Texas Garden Materials

Texas Garden Materials

Texas Garden Materials offers premium mulch, soils, compost, gravel, sands, stone, and much more for Landscape pros and home owners in the Houston and surrounding areas. Our competitive prices, excellent customer service, and quality products allow our customers to transform their projects into beautiful and well sustained landscapes they need. Our goal is to provide customers with top quality nutrient rich soils, and mulch, that will be beneficial to the environment and assure premium plant growth, as well as, top grade landscape materials that will transform your front yard, or backyard project into an oasis.

The Houston area has poor clay soil that will limit the amount of air plant roots get when they are saturated. Our organic rich soils contain all the necessary nutrients of minerals, micro-nutrients, beneficial bacteria and decomposed organic matter that supports the life of your plants the best. Also, at Texas Garden Materials you will find the finest organic mulch variety in the area. Mulch is used to maintain soil moisture, control soil temperature, reduce weed growth, and to enhance the visual appearance. Our organic mulch consists of leaves, grass clippings, shredded bark, shredded tree trimmings, compost, and manure that decomposes and breaks down into organic matter that nourishes the soil and promotes premium plant growth.

Texas Garden Materials top grade landscape materials include an extended selection of gravel, sand, moss boulders, flagstone, chopped blocked stone, and mulch more that you will not find anywhere else. The stone come in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from for any landscaping project needed. You will find all the tools needed to complete anything a landscape calls for at Texas Garden Materials.

Furthermore, we offer professional installation and delivery service to our customers. Our fast, reliable customer service separates us from our competitors. We will work with you one on one to ensure all your needs is met from start to finish.

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