Stone Edging Installation

Stone Edging


Benefits of Edging your Garden Beds:

Landscape edging helps define the gardening space by making it pop from the rest of the yard. Creating an edging helps to keep all of the gardening elements where they belong to extend above and below the soil line. A border along a planting bed makes edging weeds or mowing grass along a solid border easier than along an open garden bed. With several different design options available, an attractive lawn edging can outline a landscape, define lines between beds and lawn areas giving the landscape shape and structure.

  • In addition to natural stone edgings, landscape borders can be created with plants, stacked rocks, mulch or wood. These edging materials are less formal in appearance and blend in easily with most landscapes. Plant edging is used with ground covers, ornamental grasses, seasonal flowers, perennials, and small shrubs.

  • Stackable Rocks or stone edging can be found in many styles and often are used to create small retaining walls for beds and other areas of the lawn. This type of edging provides a nice finished look and stands out well amongst flowers and foliage.

  • Mulch is also used to create lawn edging and is accomplish by stripping grass from the outer edges of beds, borders and walkways and then filling them in with mulch.

Texas Garden Materials also offers steel edging, and plastic bender board. These lawn edging materials can be smooth or textured, dull or bright, and colored to blend into or contrast with the surrounding landscape.

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